Re-Elect Robert Mielke for Wausau Mayor

Wausau Has Never Been Better


I truly believe at this time, Wausau has never been better! I am proud of the hard work that we have done to grow the city of Wausau into an even better place, with successful outcomes that we can all celebrate.


mayor mielke’s proven track record

With his leadership‚ much has changed:


  • Positive & collaborative City Hall culture
  • Public meetings televised and online
  • Increased public engagement
  • Record historic economic growth
  • Proactive investment into Wausau’s future
  • Increased safe and walkable neighborhoods
  • New pools and parks opened
  • Repaired & replaced aging infrastructure
  • Biggest expansion of business campus in 20 years
  • Trained and accountable city departments
  • Award winning development & quality of life
  • Completed & using comprehensive plan
  • Wausau is an energetic‚ vibrant place!

Where we are headed next

 By Continuing Mayor Mielke’s Leadership:

  • We’ll complete Riverfront projects
  • We’ll maintain & improve infrastructure
  • We’ll promote public engagement
  • We’ll complete water & wastewater upgrades
  • We’ll grow as projects are completed
  • We’ll continue quality of life emphasis
  • We’ll collaborate on Wausau Center plan
  • We’ll implement more cost reduction efficiencies
  • We’ll continue aggressive debt payoff
  • We’ll attract new residents and businesses
  • We’ll lead efforts to regionalize transit services

Wausau has never been better:

Wausau is a growing community in terms of economic growth, job creation, commercial expansions, and quality of life enhancements.  These past 3 years under Mayor Mielke, Wausau has kept this continual push towards the city as a drawing power for millennials as well as seniors.

– Fred Tealey

History Teacher‚ Retired

Under Mayor Mielke’s leadership the city of Wausau is moving forward in a very strong and positive way.

– Gary Freels

President‚ Judd S. Alexander Foundation

Mayor Mielke is an experienced leader that gets results. He changed the culture at city hall and works long hours seeking new ways to attract residents and grow commerce. His leadership helped create many of the new things people love about Wausau.

– Lisa Rasmussen

Wausau City Council President

    Re-Elect Wausau Mayor

    Robert Mielke