Re-Elect Robert Mielke for Wausau Mayor

Robert Mielke’s Vision for the City of Wausau


Every day‚ we continue to work hard to make Wausau a great place to live‚ work‚ and raise a family . . .


Many of you have told me numerous times that since becoming your Mayor in 2016‚many positive things have been accomplished; giving us reasons to celebrate here in Wausau!

Every day‚ we continue to work hard to make Wausau a great place to live‚ work‚ and raise a family. Historic progress in economic development‚ enhancing quality of life for all our residents‚ replacing our old and outdated infrastructure‚ and an openness and transparency in city government have been the “foundations” of my administration.

With my leadership‚ we have actively pursued economic development and job creation in Wausau. We are recognized by both the Federal and State Governments (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Wisconsin Department of Revenue) as being the Best Metro-City Region in the State for economic development‚ job growth‚ and net new building construction. We now have three continuous years of record historic growth in Wausau!

To further our success‚ we must continue working with our business community‚ educational partners‚ neighborhood groups‚ non-profit agencies‚ community organizations‚ and planning partners to continue promoting and growing Wausau to its greatest potential. Under my leadership‚ these efforts happen daily.

Working with all groups of people‚ solving problems and helping others is the best part of my position. Making our city a better place and celebrating out city‚ motivates me every day!

I am proud of the hard work that we have done in Wausau over the past three plus years in order to grow the City of Wausau into a better place with successful outcomes that we can all celebrate together. Just as I have done since day one‚ I will continue working hard to ensure that Wausau is a place that appreciates its current residents and businesses and will continue to attract and welcome new ones. We will continue to celebrate our community‚ value culture‚ and encourage all people to call Wausau their “home”!

Every day‚ I am proud‚ honored and grateful to be your Mayor‚ in a position and city that I truly love and whose residents and future I care about deeply. I celebrate our shared success and of what I know will be even more good things to be coming to Wausau!

My pledge to each of you is to continue to work in a proactive and positive way in continuing to find solutions and new opportunities to make Wausau better for all of us. I truly believe that in many ways‚ Wausau has never been better and I ask for your support and vote to continue what we have started together.

Thank you!


Re-Elect Wausau Mayor

Robert Mielke