Re-Elect Robert Mielke for Wausau Mayor

About Robert B. Mielke


Robert B. Mielke was elected the 45th Mayor of the City of Wausau on April 5th‚ 2016 and assumed the office on April 19th 2016.



He was born in Houston‚ Texas on January 17th 1966‚ moving to Wausau in July 1970.

He attended Wausau East High School‚ UW-Marathon County and UW-Stevens Point‚ majoring in History and Political Science.

He is a 12 year veteran of the US Army and Army Reserve‚ serving as a Sergeant in the US Army Finance and Accounting Corps. This included service during the first Gulf War.

He has been a volunteer of Wausau area youth sports (football‚ soccer‚ and baseball) as a coach‚ a Cub and Boy Scout leader‚ Trinity Lutheran Church Elder‚ and school PTO President. He is also a 10 gallon+ blood donor over 30 years.

He was appointed in 2012 to serve and then was elected twice to serve as an Alderperson for District #11‚ as well as elected Council President by his colleagues on the City Council during the 2015-2016 term. He served on the City and County Parks and Recreation Committee‚ Capital Improvement and Street Maintenance Committee‚ Parking and Traffic Committee‚ Finance Committee‚ and Airport and Transit Committees. In addition‚ he is currently a member of the United Way Homelessness Coalition and serves on the Open Door Advisory Committee and the Salvation Army Steering Committee.

Mayor Robert B. Mielke was elected Chief Executive Officer for the City of Wausau in 2016 and is responsible for supervising and directing the day to day operations of city government. The corporate authority of the city is vested in both the Mayor and the eleven elected members of the Common Council. The Mayor has a statutory responsibility to make sure that the city ordinances and state laws are observed and enforced and that all city officers and employees discharge their duties.

He has been together with his wife‚ Sherri for over 34 years‚ and has two adult sons and one daughter-in-law. Robert also has a rescue dog‚ “Buddy” adopted from the Marathon County Humane Society.


Achievements since 2016

Improved the working environment of City Hall. The culture that lacked openness and dodged questions about million dollar errors ended immediately upon Mayor Mielke’s election. The city is now properly staffed‚ the staff properly trained‚ and mistakes‚ if any‚ are not hidden from taxpayers. They are addressed and resolved with a plan to avoid reoccurrences. Employees are motivated to challenge one another and work together to find solutions and efficiencies. Morale has improved and the work environment is positive‚ but challenging and accountable.

All committee and council meetings are televised and placed online for on demand viewing.

Issued more press releases than any other administration to keep the public and media informed.

Hosts media round tables routinely for large development projects so media can have unlimited access to the Mayor‚ city staff‚ and developers to get information and have questions answered.

Public has a better view inside city hall than ever before. Transparency is a key initiative to ensure that residents can see what is happening and obtain information when needed.

Hosted multiple public engagement and information sessions to get resident and stakeholder input on development projects and plans.

Restructured city’s debt to get Wausau under the 50% borrowing threshold to improve the city’s financial health.

Facilitated development of a new water plant and major upgrades to our aging wastewater treatment plant.

Addresses critical deficiencies in city facilities to ensure long life and maintenance of public buildings and assets.

Addressed critical understaffing needs in multiple departments‚ including Police‚ Fire‚ and Department of Public Works.

Hosts Coffee with the Mayor sessions locally to engage directly with residents and hear their opinions.

Engages with common council in goal setting and planning workshops annually to ensure both levels of leadership are working together toward defined goals and to monitor progress.

Began and continues to offer an annual State of the City report that was never done prior to 2016.


Re-Elect Wausau Mayor

Robert Mielke